OUR vegetarian friendly restaurant in paris MENU PREPARED BY CHIEF Gilles Epie !!!

With his cuisine, Gilles Epié wishes to tell various stories, but one in particular – the one of his passion. His dishes are modern , specially designed for people who are veggie and remain as elegant and discreet . By using pure produce, he takes pleasure in revisiting and lightening great classics of French and veggie gastronomy.

We are delighted to present it to you in our gourmet restaurant and the menu changes regularly with the seasons.

Among our vegetarian creations, thank you to choose a starter, main course and dessert

Creation and invention are expressed on the plate and take us on a beautiful culinary journey. A hint of exoticism inspired by California is enough to transform classic flavors into subtle gourmet escapades. Tastings and surprises are the domain of the Chef, who aims to provide pleasure both for others and himself. His sunny and ebullient cuisine, the very image of the country he loves so much and where he spent several years, its veggie kitchen lives to the rhythm of his inspirations.

The creations express themselves with originality and the dishes stand out by their lightness and their touch of originality. In two words, an innovative and passionate style of vegetarian cuisine.

veggie food arc de triomphe romantic